different species of dogs

As you may already be fully aware, there are more than one hundred different types of dogs that are recognized by the American Kennel Club. Each dog is recognized by its breed. If you are contemplating buying a purebred dog to add to your family, it is important that you know a little about the breed and care that is required for its healthy upkeep.Here is a brief description of some of the popular purebred dogs available. You will be able to get a quick idea of how to properly care for them and the type of home they will require for a long happy life.Labradors are a very popular breed among families with children. They can be found in brown, black or yellow coats. They are great family dogs and very fast learners. It is common for them to also be working dogs. They work with the blind and even disabled people. They are also known for being retrievers, as they love to fetch and hold things in their mouths. They are excellent dogs for waterfowl hunting and other water sports because their fur is water repellant.

German shepherds are a dog that is unbelievably willing to please and highly intelligent. They were originally used in the earlier days to assist farmers in herding their livestock. They are excellent at guarding your home or garage and great family pets. They are fast learners and retain information wonderfully. You can often find a German shepherd on police forces around the globe. They are also trained to assist in the every day tasks of disabled individuals and even work in airports looking for drugs and bombs.Boxers are another great animal to introduce as your new family pet. They are beautiful and very energetic. They are eager to please their master, and love to be playful. Boxers are one of the few breeds that are not considered to be adults until they have reached three years of age. They have strong personalities and seem to learn at quite a fast pace. However, it is very important that you begin training a boxer at an early age. You also need to be persistent at your training a boxer.Rotweillers are another popular breed, that can be traced back to the ancient ages. They were used as guard dogs in the Roman Empire. They were to guard and protect the cattle because they are extremely powerful and smart. Many police forces also have used these dogs as part of their force. They are very large dogs and with proper discipline and training they can make great family pets as well as guard dogs. They are nowhither breed that loves to please, they are always alert of their surroundings and have a lot of energy.

These mentioned dog breeds are common and popular. They are fairly easy breeds to find almost anywhere. Purchasing a dog is a life long commitment. You should be sure that you are financially stable enough to maintain the proper health for the breed as well as give it the needed exercise. You will need to go to the vet on a regular basis to be sure your dog is healthy.